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If you liked the set list, it was hard not to love the show. The group regularly packed 1, fans into their Gluepot shows but at Pips, Saturday 9 May , due to the Fire Service keeping an eye on the venue, the legal limit of had to be observed. The All Black trials for the inaugural World Cup were also in Whangarei and the squad was named that night.

He was terrified. These three refused to pay and Grant tried to explain that it was how we got paid etc. John Kirwan was really resistant. Me old mate Fitzy missed out. I wanted to record it myself for years and absolutely felt that it would be a huge hit with the women. I felt it in my gut though. If we could record great tracks then radio might play them and give us three minutes of free advertising.


The songs were marketing tools, they were never meant to define us. It was released and it went to No. The song entered the charts November 11, and stayed there for 15 weeks. The director was Kerry Brown, a photographer whose music images were frequently seen in Rip It Up magazine.

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Egdell knew from experience how hard it was to get local music on the radio in the s. It was a no-brainer. It rocketed up the chart. It was well produced. I got Annie to produce it. I still think she has great production skills. The urban myth is that following the tour, they all purchased houses.

I had a huge mortgage. No houses were bought outright, but it may have appeared that way from the outside. When the group left the stage after their late January performance at popular Northland summer venue the Tutukaka Hotel, all was not well. We could hear and feel bodies bashing against the truck. Some gang members had tried to break into our rooms while we were on stage.

February 2 – March 17

Security caught them and the fighting ensued. It was vicious — one guy lost an eye from a bottle. The police were 40 minutes away in Whangarei so it took a while to calm down. Mistakes included staging trucks being left outside for a week in Jellie Park Christchurch and a tour truck on the wrong road hitting a low bridge.

Graeme Nesbitt, who had worked with Jenny Morris in Wide Mouthed Frogs, had approached the group with big plans, but the members were not looking for big plans that might clash with their own solo careers. The record company viewed it as one or the other. The big clash would come with the New Zealand Music Awards. This three-week tour was the last with the original five singers.

Not in attendance at the after party, but in town for the Games, was Queen Elizabeth, the reigning monarch. We had not had a rehearsal at all. We were standing in front of Her Majesty, winging it. When it came time to put the group together again for the new millennium, Dianne Swann chose not to participate in the reunion tour. There was laughing all the time. I think we put on a really good show because it was really raw, really energetic and hilarious.

As time went on the whole thing got smoothed out, it got a lot more cabaret.

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A classic misfit. The tour was once again promoted by Ian Magan. The pre-tour single reached No.

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When the tour played Christchurch, their arrival was overshadowed by the news of the hijacked planes hitting the World Trade Centre. I enjoyed the show and, like many others, I was shocked by the negative review that appeared in the NZ Herald on October 3, Everytime the cat's away A little bird told me its true Everytime the cat's away A little bird told me its true Everytime the cat's away.

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