We Are All in Shock: How Overwhelming Experiences Shatter You...And What You Can Do About It

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Be disciplined about examining your reasons. Ask yourself: what is the motive for this act? Also, you must be self-protective. So often when these feelings take over, you are driven toward acts that are not in alignment with good self-care. You need to be loving to yourself and your values. You must covet and protect your heart, especially now. So be vigilant about being honest with yourself. Do what your best thinking tells you, especially right now. If you got burned by someone you trusted, you are likely to be completely devoid of a want of anyone else coming near you.

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You might even be repulsed by everyone of the same gender. Intimacy requires trust — so if yours has been shattered, you are going to be unable to envision regrowing it from scratch. But either way your life will be wonderful and happy — and you will have trust in that life. If love or sex or a relationship feels terrifying from here, yeah! That makes sense. If you got burned really bad, you might suddenly be attracted to the opposite gender. Because hey, something life changing just happened and your vision of the world has shifted. Your truth has changed- so that might shift what you are attracted to in others.

Just be gentle with yourself. This is one that you might suffer from against your own best thinking. Needing and obsessing about information about the betrayers acts of betrayal. Gross, right? Your going through a library of your past experiences and weighing them against your own experiences to see how much of your reality can be trusted. The tough part is — this keeps you from healing.

You should be focusing on your life moving forward — not the other person. You have to look at yourself and what — in you — needs attention, if anything. If there are habits that possibly made you ignore your life and your needs — now is the time you need to focus on those needs more. Make you and your feelings your focus and priority.

This is about you getting to the bottom of you. Just too much. After that you might find that you get little bits and pieces of powerful emotions and realizations — like the truth will hit you at a million miles an hour, hard in the face. Then it will subside and you will feel something different.

The Accident: A Crash That Shattered a Group of Friends

Think of it like a pressure cooker — your body and brain, to protect you, will only allow a little bit to hit you at once. They come at their own time. Because the feelings of each stage of realization are powerful, you must be diligent about taking care of yourself and not pushing yourself too hard. Allow yourself to rest, allow yourself to heal in as balanced a way as possible.

You will heal as quickly as possible as long as you are taking diligent care of yourself and acting in your own best interests. Surrounding yourself with support.

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Outside of any of the gory or hard to swallow details — you are still experiencing the loss of someone you loved. That is something you will experience much like a death — it is a traumatic loss — of a person and your whole way of life built around them. They have left a gaping hole. You are allowed to feel that pain as a separate thing — if it helps, separate it in your mind when it comes up and think of it as a symbolic death. I also suggest a ritual of sorts to say goodbye.

What is emotional and psychological trauma?

Like lighting a candle and saying farewell to the person you knew. The person you saw and loved. Your life is real. Your experience is real. It has worth and weight. It was not just a lie. It existed. All that is happening now is change. It means you have understood the reality of what has happened and you are moving through the awareness and accepting it.

Literally journal about it, focus on the fact that you are precious and vulnerable and this other person really fucked you up. It opens a window into the future, illustrating how each one of us can end the lineage of shock and trauma.

Stephanie Mines

The simple map of the body, hands-on suggestions, and language skills in this book make you the most powerful healer you can be. You can change your life, radically improve your health, stop debilitating addictions, and fully enter the present by using the information in this book. Rich case studies make the sophisticated, potent tools for healing accessible and understandable. The author uses her 25 years of experience with survivors of shock to illustrate how available these resources are.

5 Lethal PTSD Myths That Will Shatter Any Chance Of Healing | Overcoming PTSD

We Are All inShock is a complete guide to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being with a particular application for those who have lived through difficult, shattering experiences and want to reclaim thorough and immediate health. This lie causes us to sweep our feelings and emotions under the rug… We just try to forget about them… understandably so, after such experiencing such horrors you just want it to just go away on its own.

Trust me… it sticks around, and often gets worse with time. Healing takes action, not waiting around hoping it to get better.

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It sure makes you feel weak, right? But in reality PTSD makes you stronger.

surfrecopco.cf But you are not weak. You actually get a leg up in life… Because when you heal you gain a new sense of awareness, clarity, strength, drive, and power within yourself. Regular everyday challenges, problems, worries, and fears just roll off your back. So, why is coping with PTSD so bad for you? It really comes down to 3 things… When you cope you stagnate… It strengthens your believe that recovery is impossible… You actually regress and get worse… Does this make sense?

But, coping with PTSD is not healing. The symptoms of PTSD are the effect of a trauma.

Vox Machina Go to Hell - Critical Role RPG Episode 91

And when you cope you only deal with the effect. To truly heal you need to deal with the cause. There really needs to be a campaign for awareness to educate.

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With knowledge comes compassion. Just cope.