The Project Management Paradigm

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Working with our employees, a team of developers led by Paradigm developed and implemented the new system that also had to go-live in conjunction with three other government agencies. This all went off without a hitch!! The success of the project led to the creation a system that was the first in Canada.

A lot of organizations have tried and failed to deliver systems of this size. This has been a long journey since receiving approval. We now have a great system to take into the future. They have been able to quickly familiarize themselves with our business objectives and our business processes.

An Essential Paradigm Shift for Implementing Agile

They have become part of the team here and are helping us to take our lengthy list of process improvement ideas and turn them into fully operational programs, following a sound business process management methodology, guided by solid project management practices. It is a large complex project. If Paradigm were on every one of my projects, life would be good. I would definitely work with them again and would recommend them to others.

Paradigm is very strong at grasping the 'real' problems behind the issues that came up. And of course there are a few others tackling this model as well. Airtable and Coda specifically. But bloggers have opined that Airtable focuses on the database part of this equation. And Coda, while it may well give Notion a challenge in the market, is still in its early stages of development. Notion is beating it in supported browsers, devices, and mobile usability. For now Notion has captured our attention. And with an active development team open to taking suggestions — those limits are pretty wide.

It started as a way to keep track of development notes. We quickly found Notion was so easy to dive into, so easy to link pages and ideas together in a place everyone could access, it filled the gap.

Why Project Management Methodologies?

From there it became obvious Notion could solve a lot of other problems as well. We set up knowledge bases for each department. Then, added to these were daily task boards, places to store templates, assets, and spreadsheets. Soon all our work on Trello was transferred over. Then JIRA.

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Even Google Drive saw less use. We began to consolidate our tools and streamline our processes. Our project manager began developing a template that contained a master checklist of every meeting and step along the way to completing a project.

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  • It had folders for each department, and every document they would need. This template could be duplicated with ease, gearing us up for the next client in a matter of minutes. Exchanging information between departments was made more efficient. is now

    One can put data to Excel, and even use it for planning, tracking and reporting. Tons of them. Let me give a brief outline of some approaches that I consider counterproductive. Such assessment sheets are clueless.

    IT Project Management - Introduction of Framework

    They still give no clear picture of how the tool works, and whether it will address whatever needs and pains of this very company. Like, how human-friendly the tool is? Is it easy-to-use? The complete paradigm of PM tools is supposed to cover all the facets of multi-dimensional chaotic project management, including the human aspect. I believe that if a company is building their agile dev process from within, they acquire their unique corporate expertise which is an asset in itself.

    We need it to be human-friendly.

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    • Positive emotions facilitate cognition and reduce cognitive burden. We like nice architecture and pleasant interiors, so why should it be any different in the project workspace?