The Bowdler Shakespeare, Volume 2

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What does bowdlerize mean?

What are some notable examples of bowdlerization? Romeo and Juliet.

The Bowdler Shakespeare (Cambridge Library Collection - Literary Studies) (Volume 2)

Shakespeare's original:. Bowdler's Family Shakespeare :. Omitted from Bowdler's Family Shakespeare. I am the drudge, and toil in your delight. Arise, arise! Why was the Merchant of Venice so controversial?

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Shylock overshadows everyone else in the play, though he has such a small role. When performed, the character was often played as a comic villain with a red wig associated with the devil, sidelocks, and a false, big nose, lending more support to the claims of anti-Semitism in the play.

Not mentioned in the play, though well known to the people of the era, is that during Shakespeare's day, money lending was one of the few careers open to Jews during the 16th Century, and Christians made deals with them daily. Murray Abraham at the Royal Shakespeare Company in It is in the more recent performances where Shylock has been portrayed as a sympathetic, tragic figure rather than the comic grotesque character of the Elizabethan era.

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Where has the Merchant of Venice been banned? Though the Merchant of Venice has raised controversy and had been censored almost since its inception, it was not until the 20th Century that the play was banned. Exhibit Citations. Thomas Bowdler But in his book, Dr.

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By the time the first edition of The Family Shakespeare appeared, Henrietta was already a published author and a well-known bluestocking. The photograph below shows the beginning of Scene 2 in The Family Shakespeare, as morally conscientious readers might have encountered it.

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