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As well as occultism and psychic ability, the Theosophists were interested in concepts like electromagnetism: many of their proposed theories, then disputed, are now backed by scientific evidence.

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Blavatsky for one is a somewhat controversial figure. Her assailants discredit her as fraudulent, and perhaps at best she was a little excitable with the truth. Certainly, she knew how to put on a show, and it is perhaps largely creditable to her tremendous cult of personality that the doctrines of the Theosophical Society spread so rapidly across continents in an age where mass media was in its infancy.

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Blavatsky was particularly fond of the Irish. In her major work Isis Unveiled , she outlines the seven ages of man, and places the Celts higher in the ranking than Brits, claiming them to be more attuned to emotion, the spirit world and ancient faiths than their Anglo-Saxon oppressors.

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But the infatuation was to be temporary. Yeats, initially president of the Dublin Hermetic Lodge later to become the Irish branch of the Theosophical Society left the Theosophical Society — or was asked to leave — in around , just five years after he oversaw its formation in Dublin. Blavatsky passed away in May , and a general decline in activity for the Theosophical Society would follow in the oncoming decades.


After reaching a peak towards the close of the 19th century, the Theosophical Society, and particularly its Dublin branch, was very much on the wane by the outbreak of World War I. In Irish history it is studied mainly through the prism of W. Yeats, in whose biography it forms something of a footnote to his far more sustained involvement with the Order of the Golden Dawn. The ideas posited by A Modern Panarion , then, are not so much that a Theosophical Society is alive and kicking in Irish contemporary art, but that the traces of ideas raised by the Theosophists have perhaps been assimilated or passed down via pop culture.

Through these third parties, connections can be drawn to the artists participating in the show. Gunilla Klingberg will cover the gallery walls with a printed lunar cycle, repeated to optically paralysing effect.

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Proffitt amasses and arranges discarded cultural artefacts, ephemera and debris, reconfiguring them into shape-shifting sculptures with sort of talismanic properties. For Garrett Phelan, the preoccupation is with electromagneticism and radio waves. Phelan will present a sound piece within the show, which visitors must tune in to via radio, emphasising the hidden presence of radio waves and the possibilities this opens up for human connectivity.

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