Mathematical Logic and Its Applications

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Mathematical Logic and Algorithms Theory

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Funding Organization. Curriculum Courses, exams and credits. Application and admission International students, English language proficiency Application form etc. Analysis, geometry and dynamical systems Our researchers describe properties of geometric structures and develop the theory and applications of dynamical systems.

Doctoral Programme

Continuum mechanics We work at the interface of theory, computation and experimentation with the aim of understanding an array of complex continua. Mathematics in the life sciences Our mathematicians work closely with life scientists to address key challenges in biology and medicine.

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Numerical analysis and scientific computing We develop and analyse algorithms that compute numerical approximations and apply them to real-world problems. Probability, financial mathematics and actuarial science Our research covers a wide range of topics in the field of probability and its application areas.

Thematic list of publications by Sara Negri

Statistics, inverse problems, uncertainty quantification and data science We combine statistical and mathematical models, data science and computational algorithms to solve problems across a range of sectors. Nevertheless, discrete math forms the basis of many real-world scientific fields -- especially computer science. The primary techniques learned in a discrete math course can be applied to many different fields.

The field of cryptography, which is the study of how to create security structures and passwords for computers and other electronic systems, is based entirely on discrete mathematics.

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This is partly because computers send information in discrete -- or separate and distinct -- bits. Number theory, one important part of discrete math, allows cryptographers to create and break numerical passwords. Because of the quantity of money and the amount of confidential information involved, cryptographers must first have a solid background in number theory to show they can provide secure passwords and encryption methods. Relational databases play a part in almost every organization that must keep track of employees, clients or resources. A relational database connects the traits of a certain piece of information.

Application Of Logic To Switching Circuit - Mathematical Logic