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In the con text of deep learning, we also use some less conv entional notation. In other words, the v ector.

Lec 2 - MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005

This implicit cop ying of. One of the most imp ortant op erations inv olving matrices is multiplication of tw o. W e can write the matrix product just by placing tw o or more matrices.

Linear Algebra II

Note that the standard pro duct of tw o matrices is not just a matrix containing. Such an op eration exists and is called the.

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W e can think of the matrix pro duct. Matrix pro duct op erations hav e man y useful prop erties that make mathematical. F or example, matrix m ultiplication is. It is also asso ciative:. Matrix multiplication is not comm utativ e the condition. Ho wev er, the dot pro duct b etw een tw o. The transp ose of a matrix pro duct has a simple form:. This enables us to demonstrate equation 2. Since the fo cus of this textb o ok is not linear algebra, we do not attempt to. W e no w kno w enough linear algebra notation to write down a system of linear.

Each element. Each row of. W e can rewrite equation 2. Matrix-v ector pro duct notation provides a more compact represen tation for.

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An identit y matrix is a matrix that do es not c hange an y v ector when we. W e denote the iden tit y matrix that preserves.

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F ormally , I. The structure of the identit y matrix is simple: all the en tries along the main. W e can now solve equation 2. W e discuss. It is not p ossible, how ever, to hav e more than. T o analyze how many solutions the equation has, think of the columns of. In this view, each element of. In general, this kind of operation is called a. F ormally , a. This particular span is known as the. In order for the system. The requirement that the column space of.

Otherwise, the. F or example, consider a. The target. The equation has a solution. Consider a 2. This has the same column space as a 2.

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In other words, the column space is still just a line and fails to. F ormally , this kind of redundancy is known as. A set of. If we add a v ector to a set that is a linear combination of. This means that for the column space of the matrix to encompass all of. Note that the requirement is for a set to hav e exactly.

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No set of. F or the matrix to hav e an inv erse, w e additionally need to ensure that equa-. Otherwise there is more than one. T ogether, this means that the matrix m ust b e. A square matrix with. So far we ha v e discussed matrix inv erses as b eing multiplied on the left. It is. F or square matrices, the left inv erse and righ t in v erse are equal.

Sometimes w e need to measure the size of a vector. In machine learning, we usually. F ormally , the. Norms, including the. On an intuitiv e level, the norm of a v ector. More rigorously , a norm is any function. It is also common to measure the size of a v ector. F or example, eac h deriv ative of the. In many contexts, the squared. In several machine learning applications, it.

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In these cases, we turn to a function that gro ws at the. The L. Every time an elemen t of. W e sometimes measure the size of the vector b y counting its num b er of nonzero. The n um b er of nonzero entries in a vector is not a norm, b ecause. One other norm that commonly arises in mac hine learning is the.

Sometimes we ma y also wish to measure the size of a matrix.