Legends of the Hero-Kings (AD&D Fantasy Roleplay, Birthright Setting)

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Generally a temperate climate similar to Western Europe. Conceptually similar to Britain. Rjurik is in the northwest of Cerilia. Large expanses of sparsely settled pine forests dominate this region. The climate is similar to Scandinavia, with the north much colder.

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Conceptually similar to Scotland. The Great Bay almost separates Cerilia in half. These realms are very mountainous and travel by ship is almost always preferred to overland routes. The Baltic may have similar climate. Khinasi is in the southeast of Cerilia, has arid plains, rugged mountains, many islands, and desert. Conceptually similar to Persia. Vosgaard is located in the northeast of Cerilia and is also known as the Heartless Wastes.

The land is frigid and unforgiving. Conceptually similar to Siberia. History Cerilia was originally inhabited by the elves, dwarves, and goblins. Fleeing the corruption of Aduria by the dark god Azrai, human tribes settled Cerilia. At first contact between the elves and humans was peaceful, but conflict soon arose as the human population expanded into elven lands. After years of manipulation and machination Azrai's armies marched on Cerilia. On his side were his Adurian minions, the Vos a human tribe he had corrupted , and the elves, bitter from their wars with humanity. The human tribes and their patron gods met him in battle at Mount Deismaar, located on the landbridge between Aduria and Cerilia.

The elves realized they had been tricked by Azrai and most switched sides. As their armies fought on the slopes of the mountain, the gods themselves met in battle. The other gods were only able to defeat Azrai by sacrificing themselves. In a colossal explosion, they destroyed themselves and Azrai.

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Mount Deismaar and the land bridge were destroyed. The power of the gods was not wasted, however. It shot out and entered those present at the battle. The champions of the gods, those closest in ideal and virtue to their patron as well as physical proximity at the time of the cataclysm, received the most power. They became gods themselves, a new pantheon that would replace the old. Other combatants also received some of the divine power of the gods. On the battlefield it did not take them long to realize that this power was in their blood, and could be stolen. A "scion", as one of the divine blood is called, could have his blood strength stolen if killed by a blow piercing his heart.

The divine gifts of the scions make them able leaders. They form a connection to their people and land, drawing strength from them. And in times of need returning that strength and perform great deeds.

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They also can have a variety of other divine powers, such as long life, the ability to detect poison or project a divine aura, depending upon their bloodline strength and the god it was derived from. Those who find themselves with the blood of Azrai often become powerful abominations, or "awnsheghlien". Corrupted by their dark blood, their bodies twist to reflect their inner corruption.

Many of the major villains and monsters are awnsheghlien. Examples include the Gorgon stone-skinned with a petrifying gaze, perhaps the strongest creature in Cerilia , the Sphinx an insane half-cat lover of riddles , the Spider once a goblin-king who fought at Deismaar , and the Vampire once a young hero who killed a blood abomination named the Sinister and thus became corrupted himself. Beast Builder. Legions Of Hell. Volume II.

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