JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

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Back in when JavaScript libraries and front-end javascript frameworks were just maturing, AngularJS quickly became the most-sought-after framework , flying high on its easy two-way data binding, MVC architecture, a built-in module system, dependency injection, and routing package.

The fact that the front end javascript framework was maintained by Google gave it an additional push to quickly become a popular framework. However, after the entry of React, the team behind the AngularJS framework in the year decided to completely revamp the framework to stay updated with the upcoming frameworks. However, the new framework, labeled as the Angular 2, was not backward compatible with the existing AngularJS framework. Due to this, developers had to rewrite their apps to support the new framework version.

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A good number of developers ditched the platform and switched to other platforms. Even though some hardcore fans decided to stay on to see the promised benefits of the new framework, this debacle was single-handedly responsible for the sudden fall of AngularJS and the emergence of React and other frameworks. Owing to the support from Google and engagement from a wide community forum, the framework is always up to date and buzzing with activity. Also, it always incorporates the latest development trends in the market. An AngularJS application is written as components which would be called by the rendering engine.

AngularJS also controls the markup which leaves these both parts dependent on each other, thereby resulting in a lot of AngularJS specific code, expressions, attributes, and tags. Chart created using Angular and FusionCharts. Live chart link Tutorial. It is used at Facebook in production, and Instagram is written entirely in React. One of its primary advantages is that it can also be rendered server side along with the client side, and they can work together interoperably. It also uses a concept called the Virtual DOM that selectively renders subtrees of nodes based upon state changes.

It does very little of DOM manipulation possible to keep your components up to date. React is currently the most popular JS framework. React employs a Virtual DOM that achieves maximum efficiency by only re-rendering nodes on a need basis. Translating into much more efficient rendering, and making it easier to work with on the fly. There are other reasons React became popular, like server-side rendering and the fact that you can essentially describe your UI in a declarative fashion. Chart created using React and FusionCharts.

Ember is a comprehensive JavaScript front-end framework that gives you everything you need to design and develop modern web applications. The framework is said to strike a unique balance between scalability, backward compatibility, and experimentation. Before 1. They took this approach with the release of Glimmer, a high-speed rendering engine. With 2. Chart created using Ember and FusionCharts. Vue is a JavaScript library for the view layer, just like React is. It provides much smarter updates to DOM by only rendering what needs to render. Vue picks up on the most commonly used web technologies and builds on top of them to make it convenient to users.

Resulting in less complexity and, again, a smaller build size, as is done outside of JavaScript libraries. But it has an "incrementally adoptable stack" that lets the user build on it to scale up as per the requirement, or only use the parts required and integrate those parts right in with an existing application. Chart created using Vue and FusionCharts.

10 Best JavaScript Frameworks to Use in

Now that we have seen the good and the bad of the top JavaScript frameworks, the question arises - which is the best JavaScript framework? To put it in perspective, we firmly maintain that the choice of the framework depends on your preference, requirement, and the use-case. However, if you are developing a large app and looking for a very stable platform to support it, then you can go with Angular, provided you are very comfortable using Typescript. Also if you are looking for object-oriented-programming or have a huge team of developers, then Angular is highly recommended.

The platform not only is favorable for large teams but also has a massive ecosystem revolving around it. But you will need experienced developers and resources. Finally, if you are willing to experiment with a very promising framework which is steadily growing and is easy to pick up, then we highly recommend Vue.

10 Best JavaScript Frameworks to Use in 12222

Your app will have cleaner code and can be developed by a small team. Based on the surveys and data collected by State of JavaScript , Developer Ecosystem Survey , and Stackoverflow Developer Survey , we have rated these different javascript frameworks on a scale of , with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. However, these ranking are open to interpretation and would differ based on specific use-cases. Comparing the above most popular JS frameworks on a level-playing field concerning the parameters, we can say that Vue.

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As such we would put our money on Vue for developing web applications that would remain updated with technology for the next few years. Introduction While the technology universe has continuously been expanding, JavaScript is one prominent web technology that has dominated the domain. Don't have time to read the whole guide right now?

Tricky Terminology

Download the PDF Even though JavaScript packs in a lot of power as web programming language, like any other programming language, it comes with its level of complexity. We will rate these latest javascript frameworks based on the following: Features that make it stand out Popularity regarding Github stars and community engagement Integration support and ease of implementation Documentation Angular Back in when JavaScript libraries and front-end javascript frameworks were just maturing, AngularJS quickly became the most-sought-after framework , flying high on its easy two-way data binding, MVC architecture, a built-in module system, dependency injection, and routing package.

It is a declarative language, which defines the interface in JavaScript.

Behaviour-based directives: With so many elements present in a function, there is no need to manipulate the DOM. Less Code: Data models enable a developer to put data manually in all the part of the programming. Directives are always separated from the code; hence, solved with manual integration. Thus, minimizing the long, complicated code. Pros of Angular Two-way data binding: One of the key features of Angular is the support for faster and easier data binding, thereby requiring minimum intervention from the developer.

The two-way data binding replicates changes made to view instantly in the model and vice-versa. Ensuring that the developer saves time and efforts to code while translating and updating the DOM elements.

JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

Cons of Angular Divided community: Despite being the second most commonly used technology, Angular has been experiencing a massive churn rate, with developers looking to switch to different technologies. Updates: The constant updates is yet another major problem that pushes developers away from the framework.

While frequent updates result in increasing community involvement, most of the Angular updates have introduced significant changes in the paradigms making it an unnecessary problem for developers. Initial load time: One of the drawbacks also includes the time taken to render pages of websites and applications designed using Angular as it would be overloaded with additional tasks like DOM manipulation.

However, this is very rare now and highly restricted to the old computers and devices. Steep learning curve: Developers new to the Angular front-end javascript framework face great difficulty in getting adapted to the framework. Moreover, the limited official documentation makes learning even more difficult. However, the community is constantly working on creating documentation for the framework. There is no doubt that JavaScript is now the 1 programming language in the world and also the king of web development.

If you want to become a web developer who can quickly create websites like you see on the internet then a good knowledge of JavaScript and various, popular JavaScript web development framework is very important for you. These framework has completely changed the way people develop web application a decade ago. After node. That's why it has become the favorite programming language of all Full-stack Web Developers.

JavaScript started its journey as a client-side scripting language which could be used along with HTML for writing web pages and provide dynamic functionality at the client side like validation of input and animations. Things started changing when AJAX comes into the picture which allowed web developer to update a part of the web page without downloading the whole web page from the server, this made the GUI faster and more responsive.

The best JavaScript libraries

Then comes j Query which made the JavaScript hugely popular. It won the game for JavaScript on the client side with virtually no competition but server-side language like Python , PHP , and Ruby was still required to develop web applications. Also, creating and managing UI wasn't easy with different technologies e. NET, etc but then comes node.