Jain Food : Compasionate and Healthy eating

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Then, why meat-eating Europeans and Americans are more civilized, learned and powerful?


When to eat? How much to eat? How to eat? How to prepare Jain Food? Violence of Speech and Thoughts. Religion is as old as humanity and it has played a dominant role along the course of the history of human life and thought. Similarly, Jainism plays a significant role in guiding the living style of Jain householders and ascetics. According to Jainism all living beings, irrespective of their size, shape, or different spiritual developments are equal. Every living being has right to exist.

Nonviolence includes amity and kindness to all living beings. Jainism explains that violence is not defined by actual harm, for this may be unintentional. It is the intention to harm, the absence of compassion, and the ignorance that makes an action violent. Without violent thought there can be no violent actions.

Practically, it is impossible to survive without killing or injuring some of the smallest living beings. Some lives are killed even when we breathe, drink water, or eat food. Therefore, Jainism says that minimum killing of the lowest form of life should be our ideal for survival because it is more painful if a life of a higher form more than one sense is killed. All non-vegetarian food involves killing mobile living beings with two or more senses.

Therefore, Jainism preaches strict vegetarianism, and prohibits non-vegetarian foods. Nonviolence in the center is guarded by practicing truthfulness, non-stealing, celibacy or faithfulness to own spouse and non-possessiveness. The second one is for the Jain householder to abstain from.

The Jain householder is also expected to abstain from killing, injuring or eating living beings even with one sense ekendriyas , where possible. The practice of Jainism is based on the combination of right perception, right knowledge and right conduct. In fact three-quarters of the works belongs to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. There are twelve anuvratas which provide the rules for practicing nonviolence in the daily life of Jain householders. It should be noted that there are very subtle and detailed rules as well as certain exceptions that are not included in this article.

The ideal situation for a Jain would be to eat the ripe fruit that has just fallen off a tree. However that is hardly practicable. It is true that vegetable plants and animals both have lives. We take leaves, vegetables and fruits off the plants. By removing vegetables and fruits from a tree, we sometimes lengthen the life span of the tree. Therefore, killing animals constitutes the higher level of violence. Also no blood, no ugly scene, no cruelty, no pain and no guilt feelings are involved.

Vegetables and fruits are one-sensed living beings. Their development of consciousness knowledge is significantly less than the higher two, three, four and five -sensed living beings like us, animals, birds, etc.

Jain Food - Compassionate and Healthy Eating

For example, the level of knowledge of one-sensed living beings is only a very small fraction of one latter. In simple words, alcohol beverages, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, honey and cream cheese are not permitted in any form.

General Principles

Also prohibited are root tuberous tuberous vegetable and eating after the sunset. Smoking, chewing tobacco and use of intoxicating drugs should also be avoided. The ratri-bhojana eating at night - after sunset is forbidden. Other food, when cooked properly are acceptable. There is also an interdiction on eating mangoes, ghee butter , and number of other foodstuffs in the last muhurta 48 minutes before the sunset.

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Empty fruits contains less to eat and more to throw , unfiltered water, snow and ice, poison and earth are also to be added as abhakshya. Potatoes, onions, carrot, garlic, ginger, tuber and other root vegetables are included. Jain concept is based on a thorough insight into plant physiology and morphology as is shown by the recognition of the role of roots and stems is for future generations.

It should be noted that use of dried ginger and dried turmeric is acceptable. Prohibited are a consuming sentient things example: non-boiled water , b consuming what is connected with sentient things, c consuming uncooked vegetable products, d consuming partly cooked vegetable products, e consuming empty vegetable products has more to throw away then eat , f consuming what is mixed with sentient things, g consuming what has been conserved by fermentation abhisava. The Jain aspirant should also drink boiled and filtered water.

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Use of oil, butter, yogurt and sugar should be minimized, and avoided where possible. Also discouraged are snacks, sweets and fried foods. Therefore, the consumption of flowers and mushroom is also forbidden. One should also avoid eating leftovers.

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To eat cow's meat, the cow has to be killed. For cow's milk, we do not kill cow. If we do not remove the excess milk from cow, we may be doing more harm to it than help. When we use the butter and cheese, we should make sure that they specially the cheese do not contain any animal ingredients. Jainism considers that the use of milk and milk products, oil, etc. Retrieved 5 May Jainism topics.

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That monk, who, without desire, passions attachments and aversions but maintaining an attitude of carefulness and restraints samitis and guptis eats proper and worthy for the monk as per the Jain scriptures food and wanders from one place to other place for preaching and staying is said to be free from the flaws of taking food directly. The soul of that monk, who is busy in meditating on his self and is free from the act of accepting other matter is in fact called a fasting self nirhari.

Thus such monks are said to be free from the flaws of the food accepted by them in enabling them to meditate on their self. Such pure food is accepted once a day during daylight, that too less than the full need of the stomach is balanced in dry, oily, sweet, salty tastes and contents, free from elements like honey, meat etc, is prepared by religious persons aware of the method of preparing and serving.

The basic principles of Jain diet are:.

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  • Verse Next level consciousness. Article Archive. Jain Diet Posted: We hear stories of some living beings buried under debris for days together alive due to the existence of this energy. The leaves absorb necessary nutrition from air and sunlight, which the plant converts for the branches, leaves, fruits and flowers. Jain texts and modern medical science emphasize and provide several means to enable us to use this type of food and minimize the need of the third type i.

    Generally we mean this type of food to denote all types of food.


    Jain Food : Compasionate and Healthy eating

    Few people realize that solar energy, fresh air and water are essential components of food type ii indicated above. All the necessary nutrients needed are available in the environment around us. However our spiritual capabilities are not so advanced to use this method.

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