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ISSN This paper introduces an automatic, powerful and easy to use procedure for undertaking stability analyses of leaning historic masonry structures, based on an upper bound finite element limit analysis FELA approach.

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The procedure proposed here consists of a comprehensive workflow which involves the automatic point cloud manipulation, the 3D mesh generation of the actual geometry for structural purposes e. FE mesh , and a two-step FELA that reduces drastically optimization variables assuming only active few elements inside a restricted processing zone.

To generalize the Heyman's intuition to complex real geometries, the use of a 3D upper bound FELA with a recursive kernel of variables reduction becomes necessary for a precise evaluation of the limit inclination that makes the structure collapse under gravity loads. This outcome permits to estimate the structural health condition of a historic structure by comparing the critical inclination angle against the actual one.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the automated procedure, the southwest leaning tower of the Caerphilly castle Wales, UK is investigated and failure mechanisms with collapse inclination angles are evaluated through FELA.

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Historic Masonry Restoration

Speweik Preservation Consultants, Inc. Our team of European-trained heritage masons bring the experience necessary to establish a logical and comprehensive approach to specifying solutions that are based on time-tested traditional materials and performance.

objectifcoaching.com/components/queens/fille-cherche-amiti.php We are a hands-on non-contracting company that understands historic masonry construction techniques. We respect the original workmanship integrity of historic masonry architecture.

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We understand the challenge architects, building owners, and government agencies all face — the lack of qualified masons. Speweik Preservation has developed a sequential systematic approach to providing our clients a better way to deliver a successful historic masonry preservation project. ASTM on-site training services designed to protect your project from poor quality and sub-standard workmanship in the low-bid environment.

The Standards are to be applied to specific rehabilitation projects in a reasonable manner, taking into consideration economic and technical feasibility.