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A tribute to the rugged and natural beauty of the region, the show continues to inspire amateurs and enthusiasts alike with its depth, breadth and quality of flowers on display.

Southern Cross Plant Science Herbarium

Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show. This event has passed.

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Take time to sit comfortably and watch wildflower films in the Video Corner. The Herbarium is open to interested visitors on request.

HerbWeb - What is a Herbarium

Coordinator Sue Leighton. Date and Time Mon 9th Sep , am - pm.

Mounting Herbarium specimens

Herbarium collections are often housed in botanical gardens , arboretums , natural history museums, and universities. The largest herbaria, many of which are in Europe, contain several million specimens, some of which date back hundreds of years.

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The collections are also essential to the proper naming of unknown plants and to the identification of new species. In addition to their taxonomic import, herbaria are commonly used in the fields of ecology , plant anatomy and morphology , conservation biology , biogeography , ethnobotany , and paleobotany.

The sheets provide biogeographic information that can be used to document the historic ranges of plants, to locate rare or endangered species , or to trace the expeditions of explorers and plant collectors. Physically, the specimens are important sources of genetic material for DNA analyses and of pollen for palynological studies. Herbarium sheets are often shared among researchers worldwide, and the specimens of many herbaria have been digitized to further facilitate their use.

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