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Maybe they've seen the light and will come forward. I want justice for my brother and my family. That reward still stands.

Home News National. Richard never deserved to die in the way he did," he said. It is believed the shooter entered the motel room through an unlocked door. Marc said the family was unaware of his gangland associations. Australian Associated Press.

Unsolved underworld killings: Victorian coroner closes probe into Melbourne gangland deaths

Mr Mladenich was childhood friends with Williams' wife, Roberta. I understand he was never formally charged but resigned in the interim," he wrote. I can only assume that Des' resignation satisfied those who needed satisfying, and the poor trainee was to be left alone.

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  • Tony Mokbel's plan to end Melbourne's gangland war revealed at Lawyer X royal commission.
  • Supers (GURPS, 4th Edition).

I asked him why I should be concerned. He said, "It's Jason Moran.

He was well known in the illicit drug trade around Melbourne and strongly suspected of murder and close links with corrupt police. Mr Atkinson would go on to have a number of roles that would see him involved with a number of underworld figures. He was tasked with putting a listening device into Carl Williams' vehicle, a job that proved particularly challenging.

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Police got word that Williams would be at a restaurant and Mr Atkinson was given the task of driving his vehicle to another location and getting the job done. I tooted the horn, so the driver of our car knew to move, allowing me to park. I jumped out of Carl's car and ensured it was secured before jumping into the passenger side of our vehicle. Carl wandered across the road and hopped into his car none the wiser. The podcast is available online here. Have you signed up to The Standard's daily newsletter and breaking news emails?

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Listen to BONUS EPISODE: Lawyer X and Melbourne's gangland war now.

Home News Latest News. You learn pretty quick as a police officer to think on your feet. And in Andrew Atkinson's case you figure out you can't trust everyone - not even your superior. A Life in Law Enforcement was recently released. When Mr Atkinson was 21, he decided to enter the police force. After a busy day at work, Mr Atkinson and a few colleagues decided to head out for a drink.

The angry man was dragged away by a mate. Mr Atkinson said his career had been extremely challenging and rewarding.

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