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Power is indicated by a green, red, or amber light on the printer's control panel.

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If the product is powered off, check the power cable is connected and it is on at the power point. Hold down the power button for five seconds to power it on. If it will not power on, see article There appears to be no power to the Printer - all lights are off. What can I do?

Back to Top. Power on the printer. If there is power to the printer but printing does not complete, check for a red or, for some printers, an amber light on the printer control panel. Control panel displaying red error lights: A red light indicates an issue with the printer. Both the error and light needs to be cleared in order to print again or undertake further troubleshooting if required.

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If a red error light is displayed on the printer control panel, refer to your user guide to determine the cause of the error. An ink cartridge may be out, or there may be a 'cover open' or paper error. For printers with an LCD panel, check the screen for any error messages or error codes. Product with an LCD screen, displaying an error: If an error message is displayed on the LCD panel follow the appropriate action for that error.

The issue would need to be cleared in order to print again, or undertake further troubleshooting if required. If only a solid green light is on the printer and no error messages are present on the LCD panel, the printer should be capable of normal functions. Stylus printer with an LCD panel, showing it's in the Setup mode: If the product is in the Setup or Maintenance mode, this may not allow printing from a computer.

Press one of the other mode buttons such as Copy mode or the Setup button to exit the menu and return to the normal display. Example of the RX control panel: Also check that the product is not in the sleep mode. If a green light is on but nothing is shown on the LCD panel, press any button except the Power button to wake it from sleep mode.

Some printers have a sleep mode where a screen saver will be shown, press any button except the power button to wake it from sleep mode.

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Refer to the table below and follow the recommended action. Other issue? Possible cause Recommended action No - The check was not performed correctly or there is a fault with the printer. Perform the check again. If it fails again, the printer may require a service. Contact Epson - no further troubleshooting is necessary at this point.

Yes - This confirms that the printer itself is fully working. The issue is related to either a breakdown in communication between the printer and the computer, the configuration of the Windows system, or the driver installation on the Windows computer. Reconnect the printer to the computer and follow the next series of steps to troubleshoot the issue. Yes Printing is slow Slow printing can be caused by settings in the printer driver, the size of the data being sent to the printer e.

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It is also possible that there is a physical problem with the printer. See How to troubleshoot slow printing in Windows for assistance. Failing this, contact Epson for support. Yes Printing partial pages This can be caused by settings in the printer driver, the size of the data being sent to the printer e. See When I send a print job to my printer, partial pages are printed or there's incomplete text or image.

Check that the data cable Parallel or USB is firmly secured at both ends, at both the printer port and the port on the computer. Reseat the cable if necessary. Check that the cable is not taut as it may be pulled out of the port, resulting in a loss of communication between the printer and computer. Connect the printer directly to the port on the computer. Any other configuration may render further tests invalid. Note: Connecting your product through another peripheral e. If the issue is still present, we recommend that you try connecting the product to another port on computer.

Check that the USB ports you are using are built-in ports, native to the computer's motherboard. You can find most of the information about your system in System Properties. Right-click on Computer then left-click on Properties. You can check the amount of free hard drive space via Computer. Right-click on the local hard drive normally C: then left-click on Properties. The amount of used and available hard disc space will be detailed here.

Check the details of the system against the minimum specifications as stated in the User Guide provided on the CD-ROM for your product. Ensure that Windows is fully updated. This is very important, as Microsoft have identified issues with Vista which can effect the enumeration of drivers, particularly with USB devices.

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This has been fixed with updates and the latest Service Pack. These are described in some of the following Microsoft articles: An exclamation mark! If you have received a specific error message, please search the Knowledge Base for the error. You can check Status Monitor from the printer icon in the Taskbar or from the Maintenance or Utility section of the printer driver. If Status Monitor reports a problem relating to the ink cartridges or paper feed , please follow the recommend guidance to clear the error and return the printer to a 'Ready' status.

If Status Monitor will not print from the computer and reports a "Communication Error" or states 'The printer is not ready to print" but the printer has passed the printer operation check, continue to follow this troubleshooting article.

1.29 - Catalyst 9300 Upgrade

Example of a possible Status Monitor error message If the printer will print from the computer, but you are experiencing any of the following problems with Status Monitor see Status Monitor does not operate properly or reports an error for assistance; A "Communication Error" is reported. The Status Monitor and the Progress Meter do not appear during printing.

The ink levels are not displayed bidirectional support may be disabled. The Status Monitor icon is greyed-out in the Maintenance or Utility tab. Your printer will need to be powered ON and directly connected to the port on the computer for this exercise. Click on the Device Manager on the left of the window. Click here if you require help. Follow the section that is appropriate for how your printer connects to your computer: USB Printers: Incorrect or incomplete software installation can lead to USB problems.

Make sure that your computer provides USB support. Follow the steps through, selecting to connect to Windows Update and the Update Driver Wizard should update the driver accordingly. This will refresh the driver stack. Contact Microsoft or your computer vendor for advice. Please be aware that you may experience Stop errors in doing this, as described in Microsoft article: " Windows Vista may crash and you may receive a Stop error message on a blue screen when you remove a USB host controller ".

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For detailed information about your computer, contact your dealer. Right-click on it then left-click on Uninstall. Close Device Manager then proceed to Step 17 to uninstall and reinstall the printer software. For any devices listed as above, except USB 2. Please use the following procedure to first find the location of this file and then update the unit with this driver: Click Start and click on Search. Select the Advanced Search option. Once found, make a note of the location of the file. Click on Start and then Control Panel. In Control Panel click on Device Manager.

Right-click on the USB2.

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The Update Driver Wizard will appear. If none of these items appear under Other Devices , the printer may not be detected by the computer. Click on Action from the top of the window then click on Scan for hardware changes , or unplug the USB cable from the printer then plug it into the printer again: Once you have confirmed that these items appear, proceed to Step 6 in this section. If this is listed, the device should now have been installed so try printing a Windows Test Page.

Check the following items: Ensure that the device is connected directly to the computer. The device may not be getting enough power.